Training and Development Workshops

Introduction to HR and ER

Been wondering what 'Human Resources' actually entails and how it applies to your business? Have you also been thinking you need to learn more about relevant employment legislation? We offer an introductory workshop that runs through the basics of HR, Employment Relations and Employment Legislation to kick start your knowledge! 

This training is good for business owners who want to learn more, an employee who is new to HR or managers who are needing an introduction to the topics.

Developing your Employees

We offer evidenced based coaching and development programmes and assessments for current and future leaders. If you have people who are leaders or you have identified who you would like to develop, this programme and assessment is a great tool to use!

Building your Team

For your team - we offer team building workshops tailored to your business needs. These workshops focus on getting the most of your team and helping to breakdown barriers. We can offer this workshop in groups of up to 20, however we recommend that groups around 10-15 are best. 

Employment Investigations and Disciplinaries

Wanting to learn more about how to run employment investigations and disciplinary processes? This 1.5 hour workshop is designed for Team Leaders, Managers, and pretty much anyone who will be involved in investigation and disciplinary processes. 

HR Training Gisborne 

HR Training Gisborne 

HR Training Gisborne