People Plus, your Human Resources and Employment Relations Partner

People Plus are your Gisborne Human Resources, Employment Relations and Immigration partner. With extensive employment relations and human resource experience both in New Zealand and Australia, we are passionate about taking care of all your employment related needs.  We believe in working with your business as partners, allowing you to focus on what you're good at and letting us take care of what we do best. So what do we offer? 

We offer a range of support from having an internal HR presence to sitting in the background and being there for the management team to call on when they need a hand. We are flexible, and are here to provide the level of support and advice that your business needs. 

Human Resources & Employment Relations

People Plus have a flexible approach to partnering with business owners, directors and managers to provide human resources and employment relations support and advice. We offer a range of tailored approaches from employment relations advice and documentation, recruitment, to employee negotiations.


We understand how hard it is to find the right employee for your business! It can also be a daunting and time consuming task that you just dont have time for. 

Let us take the recruitment off your hands by choosing to work with People Plus. 

Immigration Advice

Providing licensed immigration advice and support for businesses employing migrants. We make it easy for you to have all the paperwork in place to support new or existing migrant employees.   

Training & Development

Evidenced based coaching and development for your current and future leaders or team building exercises tailored to your business needs. These workshops range from implementing effective communication to your business, personality reflection and leadership.