Human Resources, Employment Relations and Investigations

Your Human Resources and Employment Relations Partner

When you think about anything to do with your employees or your business, think People Plus! We are here to be your Human Resources and Employment Relations partner. Whether it be training and development, personal grievances, those tricky employee issues, employment contracts, employment law, succession planning (or anything else), People Plus are here to help with all your people things! 

So, what are Human Resources and Employment Relations and how do they apply to your business? 

Human Resources

Many people ask "what is Human Resources"? Human Resources are just that, your "humans" that are a "resource" in your business, your employees! Employees are a businesses biggest asset, and managing employees, providing an optimal working environment and culture can become your biggest competitive advantage! 

People Plus are committed to helping employers who care about their employees, and we are here to partner with you in all your human resources needs.  

What we offer:

  • Strategies for performance development, training/career pathway plans, employee engagement and productivity

  • Developing and leading performance review processes 

  • Reviewing and developing employment policies to ensure they meet legislative requirements and the needs of your business 

  • Developing simple and effective Employee Handbooks 

  • Assisting with system implementation or project start ups

  • Succession planning and optimising your employees for individual and business growth 

  • Coordinating psychometric assessments, coaching and facilitating workplace well-being seminars

  • Support with the structure of your business, including position development, reviewing positions and making sure your employees and their roles suit the business goals 

  • Utilising national market data to ensure salaries and wages are competitive with the market 

Employment Relations

Employment Relations can be a confusing title. Employment Relations are anything that involves the relationship between the employer and employee (quite a big scope eh!).

More specifically:

  • Providing support, advice and all things needed when looking to restructure your business

  • Support with mediation and personal grievance processes, including responding and attending mediation

  • Tailored offer letters and employment contracts that are specific to your business and industry 

  • Managing and/or advising on negotiations with current or future employees

  • Managing difficult employees and providing employment relations advice, support and tailored management options specific to the incident and/or employee 

  • Providing support, advice and documentation for investigations, disciplinary actions, terminations and managing difficult situations 

  • Managing collective bargaining and union negotiations

  • Advising on diversity, harassment and sexual discrimination matters and providing training where needed

  • Advising and providing documentation to support changes to employment conditions. This includes full management of the processes and/or providing support to the HR or management team