News and updates from the team

Covid-19 Webinar: Restructure & Redundancy

This webinar is for local business owners and managers. In this session we discussed your obligations as an employer under the Employment Relations Act in relation to restructuring, including minor changes to wages or hours and redundancies and how to effectively manage the consultation process with consideration to the health and wellbeing of everybody during these difficult decisions. Please contact us on the form below if you would like a recording of this session. 

Wellness while working from home

Working from home has become the new norm for many of us and while we try our best to settle in to this new routine, it isn't always smooth sailing. Many of us may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about our new lifestyle, so our team has pulled together some tips to help with this transition. We want to ensure individual wellness while working from home, to help productivity, as well as, motivation. 

Covid-19 Webinar: Focus on Leadership - Wednesday 15th April

Today we delivered the 2nd of a 4 part series of webinars in response to supporting business during  Covid-19. The session today was for local business owners and managers, focusing on leadership in general and during Covid-19, providing practical steps that can be taken in the short and long term to develop your leadership effectiveness.


Getting through together

How's everyone feeling as we enter our second full week of Alert Level 4? Anxious? Drained? Maybe you've chilled out from having a much needed break from the craziness of normal life? This isolation is certainly a strain for some, and you may be surprised at your own reaction to our national crisis. We've found a great website with information and inspiration to keep us going through these trying times. Have a look!   Getting Through Together